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Every restoration is different, sometimes just a little TLC is all that is needed; other times a new body or frame is required due to extensive rust. Often people don't realize the amount of rust their vehicle has until it is too late. Rust often forms from the inside out, so by the time you see it there is not much sold metal left. This is where we come in, Jeff Daniel's Crew knows what to look for and where. On September 14th and 15th, 2013 Jeff Daniel's will be on Nantucket to present our services and give your vehicle a free look over. Many vehicles have been on the island for decades ~ and it shows. Let us help you keep that vehicle for few decades to come!

Rust under passenger side rug - the customer had no idea it was there!
Rust is treated, a new floor installed, then epoxy coated for longevity.
Job is complete and back on the Island safe and sound!


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