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XJ and MJ Lift Kits 
(1984-2001 Cherokee and 1986-1992 Comanche)

The XJ, or Cherokee is a top contender in all time best SUVs. The Cherokee's suspension is leaf springs in the back and coil springs in the front allowing a lot of flex off road and stability and comfort on road. The MJ (Comanche) is built on the same basic platform as the XJ but with a pickup truck bed and longer leaf springs.

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Shackle/Spacer Lift with 31" tires
2.5" Suspension Lift with 33" tires
3" Suspension Lift with 31" tires
4.5" Suspension Lift with 33" tires
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Sprung over with 1.5" shackles in th rear and 5" coil springs with 3" spacers up front, sitting on 35" tires
6" Suspension Lift with 35" tires


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