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Lift Kits

There are hundreds of options out there when lifting your Jeep. Countless brands, heights, styles, uses, comfort, quality, and price. Not all lift kits are created equal and for a good reason. A lot of Jeep owners do not go off road but they want a cool looking, lifted Jeep. The same way a Biker wants a cool looking Motorcycle. These Jeepers do not need a heavy duty lift kit with all the extras. A basic quality lift kit will get you looking good without loosing ride quality or breaking the bank. Jeff Daniel's has a lot of off road customers as well, each on their own level - the weekend warrior to the extreme rock crawler. Each of these requires a different set up; often you can add on to a lift to make it perform better if you decide you want to do more.
There are a lot of knock off brands out there producing cheap parts, sure you may save a few bucks up front, but in the long run it will cost you. Consult with Jeff Daniel's before making a decision, we'll steer you right and keep you safe.

Types of Lift kits
Leveling Kit: Every Jeep leaves the factory with a 'rake' to it, that is the front end is lower then the rear. A leveling kit simply uses a spacer to bring the front up so the ride height is even.
Spacer Lift/Budget Boost: A budget boost is simply a set of polyeurathane blocks installed above the coil springs and/or a longer shackle for leaf sprung vehicles. This is effective for appearance and get a larger size tire under the Jeep, it is not effective for off roading. This system does create a slightly stiffer ride. New, longer shocks are recomended when doing a budget boost.
Body Lift: Body lifts do just that, lift the body off the frame. These are often done in conjuction with a suspension lift to gain extra clearance and allow for a 'tummy tuck'. To high of a body lift creates an unsafe ride.
Suspension Lift: Replacing the suspension on your Jeep is the best way to go when lifting your ride. There are lots of choices in heights and brands and components... it can be overwhelming to try and figure it all out but worth it in the end. Give us a call or stop by and let us build a kit that suits your needs.
Long Arm Kits: This is a type of suspension lift where you are replacing the control arms with longer ones, this gives you much better off road performance as well as a better ride on the road. These are labor intensive to install and require more maintenance then an average kit.


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We sell and install all major brand lift kits, here are links to some of our favorites!



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