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Frame Repair

The frame is the foundation of your Jeep - it holds everything together, it also takes a lot of abuse. The frame on Wranglers and CJ's is a full boxed frame, this is done for strength, this also traps dirt and moisture inside while keeping good air flow and sun light out... Let the rust begin! Simply looking under your Jeep at the frame may not be enough to tell as the rust always starts on the inside and peels your frame apart layer by layer. By the time you see it or your mechanic fails you for inspection the damage is done. Often times the rust will effect your brake lines as well since they run along side the frame. We at Jeff Daniel's see this almost weekly, it is prone to happen on 97-02 TJ's but can happen to any Jeep, Truck, or SUV. In most cases the frame can be repaired by either patching over the hole or replacing a section. On average a section of frame costs around $750 to replace. Jeff Daniel's can also help prevent this from happening with our undercoating services. Our undercoating process uses a wax based rust inhibitor on the outside and a thinner fluid film on the inside of the frame. We start by descaling any rust that is already present, clean out the inside of the frame, add some drain holes, and spray away. Everything but the shocks and exhaust is coated and encapsulated.


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