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General Maintenance

The key to a healthy Jeep is maintenance. Jeff Daniel's has several customers with over 300,000 miles on their Jeeps and a few that have topped 400K! Sure, not every engine will see that kind of life, even when it is properly maintened; but an engine that is neglected will never even come close. When you bring your Jeep to Jeff Daniel's you can be sure that we do the proper maintenace and use the appropriate fluids and parts. A lot of Jeep owners like to perform their own basic maintenance and repairs, for those guys and gals we have your maintenence schedules posted here Maintenance Schedules (opens new window) and your fluids here Fluid Types and Capacities.

The maintenace schedule is only for those with stock Jeeps who do not go off road. If your Jeep is modified and/or you go off road or in deep water/mud maintenance must be performed more often and in more detail.

General maintenace includes fluid and filter changes, chassis lubrication, tune ups, state inspections, brakes, clutches, etc. Trust Jeff Daniel's to handle all your Jeep needs!

Jeff Daniel's offers pre and post off road inspections and maintenance. Please do not bring us your mud covered Jeep! Leaving your Jeep muddy can cause rust and suspension damage not to mention make it difficult to work on.

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