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There are many ways to upgrade your differentials; gearing, gussets, lockers, inner tubes, chromoly shafts, the list goes on. It all depends on what you as a driver want or need. If you only drive you Jeep 'on road', there are few upgrades that will benefit you. The one big item is gearing; many Jeep owners lift their Jeeps and throw on a set of 35" tires - looks cool, but there is a sudden decrease in power not to mention added strain on the engine and transmission. A lot of Jeeps come stock with a high gear ratio, like a 3.07 while others come with a lower 4.11. The 3.07 gearing is great for highway MPG's on stock size tires but when you upgrade to larger tires they wreak havoc on the rest of the Jeep.

Axles are the final piece of the driveline and often the most neglected. Failure to maintain them can cost thousands in repairs. Jeff Daniel's can properly build and maintain your axles as well as perform upgrades and full swaps.

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