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There are thousands of wheels out there to customize your Jeep, but not all wheels will fit your specific application; rim size, bolt pattern, and backspacing are all very important in acheiving the right look while keeping you safe and legal. Jeff Daniel's sells most major brands of wheels and we are happy to help you find the ones that will work on your Jeep. Click here to learn more about rim specification.

Like wheels, there are lots of tire options out there. Tire choice should be based on the way you use your Jeep - offroad, onroad, or both. Mud Terrain tires (M/T) are not as good on the street as All Terrain tires (A/T) but A/T's won't get you through the off road park as easliy an the M/T's. A few companies make hybrid tires - they look more like an M/T but handle line an A/T.

Here are a few of our favorites; (click to open website)
















As a starting point for backspacing when keeping your stock size fender flares;

TJ - An 8" rim with a 4.5" backspace and a 10.5" wide tire 

JK - An 8.5" wide rim with a 5" backspace and a 12.5" wide tire


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