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Axle Tube Seals

Most of your front axles (Dana 30's and Dana 44's) are open at the wheel side with only a small plastic clip to keep out dirt, sand, and water. This 2 piece clip is prone to failure as it is only snapped together. Once debris enters the tube it starts to eat away at your inner axle seal and can eventually mix into your gear oil and cause catastrophic damage.

Factory plastic clip
Factory plastic clip on axle shaft
Looking into axle tube with shaft removed
a closer look

Tubes seals are designed to keep the dirt and water out of your housing and save the life of your axle seals and working inner parts. As you can see in the pic below these one piece seals wont let anything get by, a must for off roaders. Jeff Daniel's sells and installs these, they are inexpensive and worth every penny.

Tube Seals
Tube Seals installed


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