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Complete Swaps

Sometimes upgrading your current axle is not enough, so what do you do? Swap in a complete, stronger axle. The Currie Rockjock Dana 44 pictured above is a great upgrade from the Dana 30 that is found under most Jeep Wranglers, Cherokees, and Grand Cherokees. There are many other options out there and often a good used axle is less expensive to swap in then to upgrade your current axle. Since Jeeps have a narrower track (vehicle width) then most trucks, finding an axle can be tough - unless you are ready for a fulltime off road rig. A pair of one ton axles can be found under a lot of trucks at your local scrap yard, the problem is they are so wide that the entire tire will stick out past your fender flare (see pic below/left) - this is illegal in a lot of states, including PA. The housing and shafts can be cut down, but that can be very expensive. Companies like Currie, Teraflex, and G2 make a nice selection of upgraded axles that will suit most weekend warrior off roaders. Of course Jeff Daniel's can also swap in a new or used matching axle to replace a your damaged one - again, often less expensive then repairing one.


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