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Skid Plates

Even if you are just the occassional off roader, skid plates are a cheap insurance policy. One of the most vulnerable parts on your stock axle are the LCA (lower control arm) mounts - they hang low and are not very stong as you can see in the left picture. Pictured right is an installed skid plate, by tying the 2 halves together the mounts are vertually industructable.

If you need to replace a bent up mount it is well worth it to upgrade to a thicker aftermarket set like Rusty's LCA mounts. When installed with a skid plate you'll never have to worry about your LCA mounts again!

The differential pumpkin is the lowest center point of the jeep, there are several ways to protect it and the expensive gears inside. See Differential Covers for some examples. Another way to protect the differential is a glide plate like the one pictured here by Rancho.

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