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Differential Maintenance

Probably the most neglected part of the driveline... the differentials. Luckily they are usually the least expensive to rebuild too; however, why wait until they explode and pay to rebuild them? For a lot less money (and no tow bill) Jeff Daniel's can service your differentials and help you get the most out of them. Dana is the brand of choice for Jeep, a quality company making quality parts...that often leak. Most differentials hold about a quart and a half of fluid, so a small leak can be devastating in a short amount of time. An axle leak can lead to brake failure if the fluid reaches the wheels or to complete destruction of the inner workings when it runs dry. If you think that your new JK is exempt from this - think again. Jeff Daniel's does more axle seal replacements on JK's then all other Jeeps combined, so many that we came up with a double seal to help prevent future leaks. Take a quick peak under your Jeep, see any wet spots on the axles (or trans/t-case/engine...)? Give us a call and get them fixed before they cost you big.

Top left - leaking diff cover
Bottom left - leaking pinion seal
Above - leaking axle seal -a leaking axle seal can lead to brake failure as the fluid coats the disc or drum with fluid - this fails PA state inspection


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