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The Dana 30 has been the standard front axle in Jeeps since the 70's, it has been modified so many times it is hard to keep track of the parts. Overall, the Dana 30 is very strong for being considered a light weight axle; it can happily hold on to a set of 35" tires and do moderate off roading. However, it is generally the weak link ~ Jeeps are tough and they surprise everyone that sits in one ~ but the front axle just doesn't cut it for serious off roaders. The obvious choice for added strength is a complete axle swap, for a lot of us that is not in the budget. The Dana 30 has been around so long that there are literally hundreds of options in upgrades; Jeff Daniel's can strengthen a Dana 30 to be a major contender at the off road park. Gussets are the cure for the weakest link on this axle, the inner C's. The inner C is prone to bend, especially on JK's (2007+). Simple gussets add a huge amount of strength but require new ball joints when installed, a perfect time to upgrade the weak factory ones. Gussets are also available for where the axle tubes meet the differential housing, the 2nd weakest part. Pictured below are Synergy's inner C gussets and Randy's axle tube gussets.

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