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The stock cover on your axles is very thin and vulnerable, it is also the lowest hanging point on the vehicle. Hitting a rock can smash the cover and cause damage to your gears or puncture a hole causing loss of fluid. An upgraded cover is an inexpensive insurance policy if you go off roading. Many companies make diff covers as well as guards. A guard is simply a cage that goes over your stock cover, like a helmet. Covers come in different thicknesses and materials. Aluminum is good for heat dissipation but not as strong as iron - a better choice for desert racing; iron is the preferred material for woods and rocks. Stainless steel is also available to dress up your daily driver. Jeff Daniel's can supply and install the appropriate protection on your Jeep.

Differential Guard
Competition Cover
Aluminum Cover
Differential Guard
Iron Cover
Iron Cover
Stainless Steel Cover


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