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Brake Upgrades

Now that you have your lift kit and oversized tires you may need better stopping power as well. There are several ways to upgrade your brakes and remain safe.

Disc Brake Conversions: One of the most effective upgrades you can do is to convert your drum brakes to disc brakes. Disc brakes provide better stopping power and easier maintenance. There are complete kits available or parts can be sourced from salvage yards.

Upgraded Brake Pads & Rotors: A basic upgrade to your brake system is as simple as better quality, upgraded parts. Heat reducing brake pads and performance rotors can give you that extra braking power you need. Jeff Daniel's does NOT recommend drilled rotors for our off road customers. On the street a cross drilled rotor helps dissipate heat allowing the brake system to operate properly, off road the drill holes can fill with dirt and debris and cause braking failure.

Hydroboost: For the ultimate upgrade a hydroboost system is the way to go. Hydroboost replaces you vacuum system with a hydraulic system controlled by your power steering pump. This system is most effective in diesel and high performance applications where vacuum is limited or non existent. Many vehicles came with a hydroboost system or they can be purchased new and installed at Jeff Daniel's.


pictured above: Teraflex disk brake conversion, Hawk performance pads and rotors

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